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Updated: Jul 16

Let your Walls Speak

Walls are one of the major elements in the home decor. Here are some ideas which can come up easily and change the entire ambiance.

Add the sense of Touch to your walls

Well, walls other than sight can be appealing with Texture which bring the sense of touch. The play of light and shadow, adds to the excitement.

As it is tactile in nature, it is something which embraces element of art to the viewer.

If you have seen a painting or you like a feel. If it can be drawn on a canvas it can be carved on you walls.

You can get a range of optical and tactile effects produced with a variation of theme.

Textures can be attained by variations like Actual, Simulated, Abstract and Inverted.

Actual texture

Can be obtained by carving incising, scratching on the wall paints.

Simulated texture

This can fool the eyes of viewer, So realistic. Use of light and shadow bring more reality to it, also by generating rhythm.

Abstract Texture

By making any geometrical shape out of a color, tint n shades or just by adding colors and attaining abstract like a rustic pattern.

Inverted Texture

Is very artistic and made by adding different materials on wall very much non-objective. Nothing like actual texture or representing something.

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